Have You Thought About a Plant-Based Diet?

I am indeed the luckiest girl in the whole world! Certainly for a plethora of reasons that I could go on and on about… But for the purpose of this article, I will tell you about one reason in particular!

Not only do I have the most caring, sweet, handsome, amazing man as my boyfriend, but I also have myself a personal vegan CHEF!

He doesn’t like to call himself that, but I do!

When I met my boyfriend, I honestly had no idea what vegan was, or even plant-based eating for that matter. (I must have been living under a rock I guess.) For those living with me under said rock, veganism is not consuming or using any products that has been made from animals.

If you start thinking about… Yup, it is pretty much MOST foods and products. YIKES!

I won’t lie, I am not 100% vegan yet. I respect the heck out of the lifestyle, but you are either vegan or you’re not. There isn’t much of an in between.

My man has been vegan for over two years and is wildly passionate about not only a plant-based diet for himself, but for everyone, especially those he loves and cares about.

When we started dating I told him that I just wasn’t sure I could EVER give up the foods I love; steak, ice cream, CHEESE!! I couldn’t live without cheese!

He said to me, “Baby, I will make you food and you will never know the difference.” And thus a challenge was born!

I told him if he could figure out a way to make all of my favorite foods, I would begin a plant-based lifestyle.

His reasons for being vegan are to help save the lives and prevent cruelty of animals.

It can also be a vastly healthier alternative to consuming animal products.

And I am all about wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, he began vigorously learning how to cook AMAZING meals that look, smell and TASTE like foods that would normally contain animal products.

And WOW, did he deliver good on his promise! He makes ALL of the food/meals you see above in my photos from SCRATCH! And so much more.

Not only does he cook these delicious meals for myself and my son on a daily and nightly basis, but he also meal preps for me and makes me lunches!

All I have to do during the day is pop my meal in the microwave or toaster oven, and voila, instant lunch!

I want him to create a business out of his immense talents, but right now, he is just enjoying himself. (You have to admire truly loving one’s hobby.)

However, I KNOW his meals would benefit SO many hard working individuals like myself, who would love to eat healthy and are interested in a plant-based or vegan lifestyle, yet just don’t know how or don’t have the time!

So I have gotten him to agree to a “Friends-Only” release of his awesome meals!

If you would like to try one and are a “friend” of mine, send a message and we will send you a meal.

We have LOTS of options to choose from. (To view some of the options click on the photos above.)

“Friends-Only” meals are $11.99 + shipping (to cover the cost of the food & shipping)

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