Want to work when you want to? Want to be your own boss? Want to see the country, or the world? Want to live a life where you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want?

This is ALL possible! And we can show you how to take simple steps to achieve all of this, immediately!


What does freedom mean for you? It is different for everyone. Maybe it is being able to ski twice a year in the Alps.

It could be to spend 3 months in Europe seeing different countries.

Or it may even just be, one day a week to yourself to go to a movie.

We will use proven methodical techniques to discover what your TRUE freedom looks like.

Now that we know what freedom looks like to you, we can build a blueprint on how to get there. Just as if you were building a house, you would need to know what materials are needed, the exact steps to take first and so on.

Building your life of freedom is the same. The blueprint is crucial!

It is time now for the execution! Let’s make moves. The key is to start with the end in mind. We will consult with your blueprint to see where you want to end up on your journey of freedom.

Since we have a clear picture of the end goal, we now take the steps in reverse to get you there. #reverseengineering

Since freedom is a journey, it is important to keep your mindset invigorated while on your journey. Keeping the momentum is key, during achieving your goals and in between achieving your goals.

We have formulated freedom exercises to keep your body, soul and mind active throughout the way.

Work smarter, not harder. Having a cultivated, tested and proven list of resources that will help you in all areas of freedom can be the difference between spinning your wheels with “someday” and conquering your “somdays” TODAY!

We will share with you our tried and true resources that will become your lifesavers during your freedom journey!

Untamable Bliss is a Freedom Journey.

We will work with you for as long or as little as you like until your desired freedom is achieved.


$49.00 / week