My Soul Can’t Be Tamed.


Untamable Bliss is a freedom movement:

Break free from tradition and build a life on your own terms.


Work when you want to?

Spend more time with the people you love?

Travel to all of the majestic places in the world?

YOUR FREEDOM is what Untamable Bliss is all about.


It is a creative road map for your freedom journey.


Hi there! My name is Melissa and I run Untamable Bliss!

I have always been a freedom seeker… and it all went uphill from there.

When I was five, I sold rocks from my yard to cars that drove by.

These rocks seemed so precious and valuable to me that I wanted everyone to be able to experience their wonder.

I also knew that if I traded their value for a physical currency, I could buy myself a Barbie Power Wheels car.

This was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey!

I grew up to be quite a protester, always questioning the norm. I despised school because of the conformity that it promoted.

I never wanted to be told how to live my life.

In high school, when questioned, “What do you want to do when you graduate?” My response was, “I have no idea! I just want to paint and draw and I don’t want anyone to put pressure on me to decide.”

After graduation, I tried out college for one and a half semesters before I quit.

I then spent my days playing on Myspace or day dreaming.

Little did I know that playing on Myspace would spark my career as a web designer going on 14 years. And day dreaming would later reveal itself as my ability to master manifestation.

My mother did not see these things as valuable skills at the time and sent me out on my own. 

At that moment, I decided if I was going to pursue a life of freedom, there was no better time than the present.

At 22 years old, I bought a house and started a web development company, where I created websites for celebrities, record labels, musicians and more.

I had a beautiful son at 26 and raised him on my own while running my business.

At 30 I decided to show my son the country.


That was officially the year I moved into the next phase of freedom.

I rented out my house, began unschooling my son and we took off on our adventures.

We drove from the East coast to the West coast over a period of two months.

It was a proud mommy moment when my son put his feet in the Atlantic Ocean at the beginning of our trip and the Pacific Ocean during our trip.

We explored 20 states that we had never been to.

I also added two new counties to my travel arsenal, The Bahamas and Canada.

I was hooked on a feeling!

Freedom was not just freedom from people telling me how to live my life, freedom included uninhibited travel!

We are here on this earth to experience life, not to just wish for the weekend.

Over the next five years, I set up a plan to move across the country; the cost of living significantly lower and the weather perfect every day, Las Vegas!

I moved within two years, settled into my dream home, shipped my furniture across the country, brought my dream car with me and setup my business on auto-piolet so that I could take 6 months off to travel again.

Over the course of five years, my son and I have completed nine cross country trips and have been to 39 out of the 50 states.

2019 I met the most amazing man who helps feed my soul with freedom. We have set up our lifestyle to be a traveling family, planning a new trip every month, including the coast of California, Boston, MA to see Luke Bryan at Gillette Stadium, Denver Colorado to see Billy Joel preform and a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

I am truly living a life of freedom in every area and I can’t wait to help you find whatever freedom looks like for you!